Monday, June 5, 2023

How to Install Clustercontrol Using Podman on Ubuntu 22.04

Clustercontrol is a database cluster management system, developed by severalnines. This tool is really useful if you want to install and manage multiple database clusters from one interface, easily. This tool supports many database types such as mysql, mariadb, postgresql, timescaledb and also redis.

This software can easily be installed using docker, just follow the instructions here. For podman users, worry not, below are the detailed instructions on how to do the same using podman. These steps have been tested on ubuntu 22.04, but they should run in any linux that support podman.

1. Make sure you have podman installed, please refer here if you have not install podman

2. Create some directories for clustercontrol's data and configuration
$ mkdir -p clustercontrol/{cmon.d,datadir,sshkey,cmonlib,backups,prom-data,prom-conf}

3. Get the machine's ip address
$ hostname -I

4. Copy ssh key into sshkey directory
$ cp ~/.ssh/id_rsa ~/clustercontrol/sshkey

4.1 If you don't have ssh keys yet, please follow here to generate a pair

5. Run clustercontrol using podman (image 1.9.5-4 is fully working at the time of writing of this article)
podman run -d --name clustercontrol \
-h clustercontrol \
-p 5000:80 \
-p 5001:443 \
-p 9443:9443 \
-p 19501:19501 \
-v $PWD/clustercontrol/cmon.d:/etc/cmon.d \
-v $PWD/clustercontrol/datadir:/var/lib/mysql \
-v $PWD/clustercontrol/sshkey:/root/.ssh \
-v $PWD/clustercontrol/cmonlib:/var/lib/cmon \
-v $PWD/clustercontrol/backups:/root/backups \
-v $PWD/clustercontrol/prom-data:/var/lib/prometheus \
-v $PWD/clustercontrol/prom-conf:/etc/prometheus \

6. Open a browser, and browse to, and replace the 192.16810.10 to your own ip address that you use in the command above. You should be able to see below page. Register and create user to start using clustercontrol.

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