Thursday, September 30, 2021

Accessing android phone via ssh using termux

The ability to access your phone remotely is very useful. I frequently used this technique to copy files to and from my phone and checking my battery status while the phone is charging without actually holding the phone.

First and foremost, we have to install termux. You can install it from google playstore by clicking here

Once installed, fire up termux, and install openssh:

$ pkg install openssh

Then, create a password for the default user. The default user is u0_a274.

$ passwd

Then, launch an sshd daemon using below command to start openssh server in the phone, on port 1234 (the port can be any number above 1000).

$ sshd -p 1234

Check your ip address. using below command.

$ ip address 

Let's say our phone's ip address is Make sure your desktop/laptop is connected to the same network as the phone's wifi connection. Fire up a terminal, and ssh to the ip address.

$ ssh u0_a274@ -p 1234 

Congratulations, you are now connected to your phone, via ssh.


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