Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Installing a Bitnami Wordpress Stack on Ubuntu 20.04

Bitnami team have done a great job in making the adoption of a lot of open source software easier. Today I want to show how you can install a bitnami wordpress stack on ubuntu 20.04.

First, we need to visit https://bitnami.com/stack/wordpress/installer, and download the installer for linux. As of today, the version available is 5.6.0.

$ wget -c https://bitnami.com/redirect/to/1252289/bitnami-wordpress-5.6-0-linux-x64-installer.run 

Once downloaded, give the file permission to be executed

$ chmod +x bitnami-wordpress-5.6-0-linux-x64-installer.run

Run the installer

$ sudo sh bitnami-wordpress-5.6-0-linux-x64-installer.run

Run through the wizard. In this example, we will install just wordpress and mysql, with default option for most of the questions asked in the wizard.

Once the installation is complete, you will see below confirmation:

Bitnami confirmation

Choose Y to start bitnami wordpress.

Your wordpress site can now be accessed at http://<ip address>/wordpress, and the admin page can be accessed at http://<ip address>/wordpress/wp-admin, my ip address in this example is
Wordpress main page

Wordpress admin page

In order to control the service, you can do so by using the script in bitnami installation directory called ctlscript.sh. In this example, I used the default settings for the installation directory, which is /opt/wordpress-5.6-0.

To show status of bitnami wordpress
$ sudo /opt/wordpress-5.6-0/ctlscript.sh status

To stop wordpress services
$ sudo /opt/wordpress-5.6-0/ctlscript.sh stop

And to start wordpress services 
$ sudo /opt/wordpress-5.6-0/ctlscript.sh start

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