Monday, October 12, 2020

Transferring a proxmox VM to a different proxmox installation (backup and restore)

 To backup a vm, you can use vzdump command. The command just need a vm ID to start the backup process.

Get the VMID

# qm list

Start the backup process. You can choose a compression option, between no compression, gzip or lzo.

# vzdump --compress gzip 655

The command will generate 2 files, a data file and a log file. Transfer the data file to the other proxmox installation, using whatever methods. I just use scp.

# scp vzdump-qemu-655-2020_10_10-13_51_13.vma mynewproxmox.ip.add.ress:

Once transferred, restore the file into a VM, by providing the VMID. This command will restore the dump file into a VM with VMID 300.

# qmrestore ~/vzdump-qemu-655-2020_10_10-13_51_13.vma 300

Oh, and all this can be done via GUI, but for this tutorial, I will just cover the command line part :).


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