Thursday, May 7, 2020

Update Proxmox Network Configuration Without Restarting

In proxmox 6.1-7, if you make any changes to network configuration using the web interface, you either have to reboot the box, or press the "Apply Configuration" button to apply the changes. But the "Apply Configuration" button needs a package named ifupdown2 from proxmox repository to operate correctly.

So in order to make the button usable, so that we do not have to reboot the box every time we change proxmox network configuration, please follow below simple steps

1. Enable pve no-subscription repository, and disable proxmox default enterprise repository by referring here

2. Update proxmox package information
# apt update

3. Install ifupdown2
# apt install ifupdown2 -y

4. Now you can change any network settings in the proxmox web ui, and apply the configuration by pressing "Apply Configuration" button like below

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