Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Windows in Proxmox Cannot Detect Virtio Network Adapter

I encountered this issue when installing Windows 2019 on proxmox Virtual Environment 6.1-7.

Below is my windows VM setting

In windows, I cannot see any network adapter to be configured.

After looking around in proxmox documentation, I found this gem, whereby you can download driver for the windows so that your windows can recognize the virtio interface.

You can download the iso for the driver from the above link, or using this direct link.

Once downloaded, upload the iso to proxmox using these steps.

Insert it into our windows vm cd drive, like below

You should now be able to see the iso mounted as D drive (depending on how many partition you have in your windows VM)

Now you have to install the driver. Press windows + s, type Device Manager and press Enter.

Expand "Network Adapters", you should see one adapter that is not recognized by windows.

Right click on it, and choose "Update driver"

Click on "Browse my computer for driver software"

Type in D:\ for the location, and tick "Include subfolders"

Click Next, and the wizard will search for a suitable driver for your device. Wait for it to finish.

Once done, it will show that your windows now has recognized the network adapter.

Reboot, if the wizard asks for it.


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