Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How to install HP PSC 1410 printer on Precise Puppy Linux 5.7.1

After some hair pulling, I managed to get this printer installed. Below are the steps that I have taken:
  1. Turn on and connect the printer to the puppy machine
  2. Install hplip using puppy package manager. Run command "ppm" on terminal, and search for hplip.
  3. Make sure all dependencies are installed
  4. Launch cups by going to http://localhost:631
  5. Go to "Administration -> Printer -> Add printer" OR "Administration -> Printer -> Find new printer"
  6. Choose the printer with connection like "usb://HP/PSC%201400%20series?serial=CN5CDC60T004BM" with hplip in the name
  7. For Driver, choose "HP PSC 1400 Series, hpcups 3.12.9 (color, 2-sided printing)"
  8. Set default settings for the newly added printer by going to "Printer -> HP PSC 1410 -> Administration -> set default option". Print settings in application does not work.
  9. You are done..... Congratulation :)

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Anonymous said...


With Slacko Puppy version 5.7. and HP PSC 1310 series multifunctional the installation like above seemed to be OK but when trying to print I got the message "usr/lib/cups/filter/foomatic-rip-hplip failed". I solved it uninstalling the hplip-3.12.9 of the PPM, installing hplip_print-3.14.4 after downloading it from as stated in , turning off the printer and then on again. Then I could print.