Friday, February 1, 2013

ldapvi - ldap client using text editor

Today I stumbled upon a good tool in managing ldap, which is ldapvi. The reason this tool champs over my previous ldap management tool, which is phpldapadmin, is, it is based on text editor, and can be used in terminal ~ cool :)

To install this tool, all you need is to use your package manager, in my case, yum:

$ sudo yum install ldapvi

Once you have finished installing, launch it with your username and ldap server:

$ sudo ldapvi --user cn=admin,ou=people,dc=local,dc=lan  --host ldap.local.lan

For first time use, you need to set your preferred text editor. Once logged in, you can change the ldap record as if you are working on a very long text file. Once you are done, save like how you normally save a text file, ldapvi will ask for confirmation, and you are done.

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