Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Install Al-Quran extension in openoffice

This was done in Fedora 13 with openoffice 3.2.0. Please follow below steps to install it:

1. Download the installation files

$ wget

2. Extract it to somewhere
$ unzip
$ ls QiOO-0.4b
CHANGELOG QiOO-0.4b.oxt README.txt ScheherazadeRegOT.ttf

3. Copy ScheherazadeRegOT.ttf to /usr/share/fonts
$ sudo mkdir /usr/share/fonts/ScheherazadeRegOT; sudo cp -apv QiOO-0.4b/ScheherazadeRegOT.ttf /usr/share/fonts/ScheherazadeRegOT

4. Install the extension by opening openoffice writer and go to Tools > Extension Manager > Add, and search for the QiOO-0.4b.oxt plugin.

5. Activate CTL by going to Tools > Option > Language Settings > Languages > Enable For CTL(Complex Text Layout)

6. If all went well, you can see AlQuran menu in your openoffice writer's menubar like below.

That's all.

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