Monday, February 23, 2009

Rebuild corrupted dbmail account

Symptoms of corrupted dbmail account are slow to open account and if manage to open account, it will take forever just to open the inbox. Here are the steps to rebuild back the account using joe's email account

1. You have to backup the the user's inbox. Use command "dbmail-export" to export mailbox to mbox file. For better management, export the mailbox to home folder.
# cd /home
# dbmail-export -u joe

2. A few mbox files will be generated depending on how many folders you have in your email. The mboxs will be placed in a folder named with your username, in this case, joe
#ls /home

3. Clear up the username mailbox using "dbmail-users". -e is for clearing mailbox
# dbmail-users -e joe

4. Delete the user. -d is for deleting user
# dbmail-users -d joe

5. Create back user. -a is for add user, -w for password, -p for password type and -s for aliases
# dbmail-users -a joe -w joe123456 -p md5 -s

6. Download dbmail tarball from here. Extract and you can see a script named mailbox2dbmail in contrib folder. Use that script to migrate back the mbox files to dbmail. For easy usage, copy the mailbox2dbmail script to /usr/local/bin. -u is for username, -t for type of input, -m for input filename and -b is for the name you want the mailbox to appear in your email
# cd /home/joe
# mailbox2dbmail -u joe -t mbox -m INBOX.mbox -b INBOX

7. Go to your joe's webmail and you can see the INBOX is already there. Repeat step 6 for all your mailboxes

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