Thursday, June 14, 2007

How to view the content of iso image

Sometimes we have an iso image in our computer. One of the way to view it is to burn it on a cd and then we can view it. The other method is we can use mount command.
Type this command on terminal:

-> mount -o loop filename.iso /path/to/directory

/path/to/directory - directory where you want to deploy the iso

filename.iso - name of the iso file


Anonymous said...

mount -o loop file.iso /user/backup/6.1.4isr6
mount: only root can do that

Is there another way?

blackorga said...

Hi Anonymous,

You need to be root to do mount. Do "su -" first before running the mount command. If you have sudoers installed, just run "sudo mount -o loop files.iso /user/backup/6.1.4isr6