Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Installing Package In ubuntu using dpkg

If you are using Redhat Linux, you are most probably using rpm or yum as your package manager. in ubuntu, you can use synaptic package manager as your package manager and thankfully it got GUI. But for those who like to learn command based package management in ubuntu, you can use apt or dpkg command.

If you already have any package with .deb extension in your computer, you can use dpkg to install it. First you have to change directory to the directory where the package is stored. Then run: -> dpkg -i namefile.deb
Remember you need to be superuser to do this.

Example on how to install flashplayer using dpkg from /home/oscc/Desktop/tools folder
(click on the picture to see image clearly)

To get more information about dpkg, type:
-> man dpkg

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